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High Performing Front Line Leaders

We help managers in Supply Chain improve results by developing high performing Front Line Leaders.

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Are your managers developing their Front Line Leaders? If not why not? 

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Front Line Leaders have the greatest level of interaction with most of the people in your business. And yet they typically receive very little development 

Building alignment

The relationship between the Front Line Leader and their immediate Line Manager is absolutely crucial to your business. When was the last time you worked on developing that?

The Jelly Wobble 

Sending Front Line Leaders to a training course without involving their Line Manager results in a jelly wobble. No change at all in the Front Line Leader, just a brief jelly wobble...

Great relationships deliver results

Front Line Leaders frequently report a lack of support from their leadership. What are you doing to support your Front Line Leaders?

Learn how to develop your Front Line Leaders

Developing your Front Line Leaders will have a significant impact on your business performance


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