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Creating the Culture

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2018

This site was created to provide coaching and training for leaders who want to take responsibility for the culture they are creating.

If you understand that every employee has an invisible line on their job description which reads "Watch your leader" then you know that everything you do minute by minute has an impact.

As a leader you are creating the culture every moment. So this site is here to support you to choose what you create and thereby create the culture you want.

One definition of culture is the shared understanding that everyone has in a workplace about how business is conducted. 

If you are a leader who wants to impact that shared understanding, the best place to start is with your behaviour. The way you behave and think is going to be the strongest determinant of how everyone else behaves and thinks.

My aim is to teach and coach leaders to create the best possible culture they can in service of business outcomes.


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