Our workshops are designed so that as many people as possible at all levels of the organisation receive feedback on the survey and interview findings.

All participants then have the opportunity to be part of the change process.

Building relationships. Improving productivity.

Workplace Culture will work with you to design a workshop with the following aims:

    • Understanding the Culture ReportThe findings in the report are presented in a way that encourages engagement with the process of cultural change. Workshops are designed to be a visual, interactive event. The best results will be achieved by engaging as many employees as possible in the process. Our aim is for all employees to feel they are part of the change, and that it is happening ‘with’ them rather than ‘to’ them.


    • Engagement of employeesEmployees are involved in discussions about how to resolve those issues which are blocking full engagement and motivation. We are interested in understanding the employees’ experience of the organisation. There may be opportunities to increase engagement and it is often employees themselves who offer the best solutions.


    • Develop a planOnce the issues have been identified and understood, all those involved have the opportunity to contribute their ideas towards a plan which will address the themes that have emerged and move the organisation towards the preferred culture. The plan will include both the output from the workshop and the recommendations from the Culture Report. The plan also puts in place ongoing activities designed to maintain and build positive relationships between the organisation and its people.