Workplace Culture

Managing and understanding team culture is a challenge in itself before even considering attempting culture change. Companies sometimes introduce initiatives which include improving productivity with accompanying declarations such as "Our people are our greatest asset" But what does that mean on the ground at the front line manager/supervisor level? As a team member what does it mean to me to be told I am one of my employer's greatest assets? The usual areas spring to mind straight away but some are not so commonly addressed. Which of those listed below do you recognise in your place of work?:

  • The company takes the subject of safety very seriously and values my safety by providing a safe environment and the appropriate training.
  • The company takes my training and skills very seriously and provides feedback on my and the team's performance at regular intervals.
  • The company provides me with good quality supervision and I am always aware of what is expected of me.
  • The company trains my supervisors and fellow team members so that we all understand what is expected of us in relationship to each other.
  • The company wants to know how I experience working for them and solicits my feedback regularly to understand how my experience is changing over time.
What do you expect as one of your employer's greatest assets? There are many more potential items on the list. It just depends on your expectations. More on this in future posts... Workplace Culture Pty Ltd provides leadership training and coaching in the area of culture change.

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