The surveys we use are not standard, off the shelf.

We add value to your business by taking the time to understand your specific information needs and by customising an Employee Survey to fit your unique requirements.

Building relationships. Improving productivity.


Workplace Culture has partnered with Quantum Management Indicators, a Melbourne-based company which has been providing workplace surveys for many years.

A variety of surveys are available including Employee Engagement, Organisational Culture, 360 Degree, Safety Culture and Lean program engagement.

We offer surveys as a standalone process or as part of a wider engagement designed to drive cultural change.

Content and design

After meeting with you to discuss the organisational issues that you are facing, we will send you a proposal outlining what we can deliver, the proposed delivery dates and an indicative cost schedule.

We will then provide you with a KPI checklist, together with their supporting definitions, from which up to 43 performance indicators can be measured. The KPIs are based on international organisational development models and have been proven statistically reliable for 15 major industry sectors. You will also be able to indicate any additional areas of interest.

Based on this information, a draft survey will be prepared and submitted for your approval.


Following the survey structured interviews are conducted with your employees to collect information on their experience of working in the organisation’s current culture.

This process gives employees the opportunity to be heard. It also allows Workplace Culture to delve further into findings from the survey.

The information collected from the survey and interviews is then presented in a report, at which point we will discuss the findings with you and decide what the next steps should be.

More about surveys

Our surveys are provided by Quantum Management Indicators, a leading human resources consulting firm that specialises in creating and implementing customised employee surveys and customer surveys.

You can find more information about survey options at the company’s website: