Coaching for Culture Change

There are many good definitions for workplace or organisational culture on the internet. There are some good descriptions here. It is a complex area. Ken Wilber defines culture as the inside of the collective, or the values, meanings, world views and ethics that are shared by any group of individuals. (Wilber Integral Psychology 2000)   You can't know a group's culture unless you are in it. This is the only way to understand the shared sense of reality, cohesion, norms, rituals and traditions. It is possible to influence the culture but it can't be controlled by one person.   Coaching for culture change is about working with individuals to look at the way they show up and influence the culture around them. Leaders influence the environment with every little gesture, comment, interaction. They influence with their posture, the way they breathe, with all the ways they are. The people they lead are often not aware of the way they are influenced by the leader. A leader with greater self awareness has more control over the way they influence and it is this self awareness about the way a leader is that we seek to increase. Once a leader becomes more aware of how they are, they are then in a position to work on those aspects of themselves which they want to improve. Our aim at Workplace Culture is to coach leaders to be more in touch with the minute by minute effect they have on their organisation. By working closely with individuals using a balance of challenge and support we seek to make leaders more effective and to have a more powerful presence that influences those around them in a positive way. Contact us now using the 1300 number at the top of the page to discuss how you would like to change your organisation's culture.

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