We develop individual coaching programs, engaging at all levels of organisations from senior executives to front line managers

Coaching allows leaders to be supported through the change process and encourages them to look at the ways they influence the work environment.

Building relationships. Improving productivity.

 CoachingOne-on-one coaching

Workplace Culture draws on the powerful and rigorous framework of Integral Coaching Canada.

We work with each client to first identify and clearly define their coaching topic. Examples of coaching topics with current and previous clients include:

“I want to develop mutually supportive relationships with my direct reports”

“I would like to offer a more powerful presence in my role”

“I would like to communicate more authentically with my team”

We develop an individual coaching program which gives each client a view of their current way of being and a new way of being in relationship to their coaching topic. We then work closely with each client, designing practices to support their movement towards this new way of relating to their coaching topic. The coaching program typically results in a client having greater confidence and being more effective in their role.

To quote Integral Coaching Canada “There is a tremendous difference between theoretical understanding and praxis – the ability to live the theory”

Our coaching programs at Workplace Culture aim to apply praxis.



360 Degree Surveys

A 360 degree survey involves an individual manager being rated on their leadership and management competencies by their direct reports, peers, managers, customers and suppliers. The individual also provides an assessment of their own performance for comparative purposes.

Workplace Culture uses 360 degree surveys where appropriate to support individuals in leading the organisation towards the preferred culture.

The surveys are usually conducted as part of a one-on-one coaching program and can be useful in defining an appropriate coaching topic .