About Us

If you aren't working the culture, it's working you. By that I mean if you aren't thinking about how you work together, how you collaborate, then you get the default behaviours. They usually aren't great.

The purpose of Workplace Culture is to deliver transformation. We want to use collaboration as a way to focus on and deliver the business improvement you seek. Your goals become our goals except we will use a focus on collaboration to impact your goals. Teaching, Coaching and delivering results happens all at the same time.

Building relationships. Improving productivity.

Workplace Culture was established by Founder and Director John Bradbury. The company is headquartered in Sydney and its services are available throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

The business was created to meet the following needs:


    • Listening to the people in an organisation Business managers are generally so busy engaged in what they do that they don’t take time to consider how they are going about it. A growing number of business leaders recognise this fact and the need to step back and examine the culture of their organisation.


    • Employees who are demotivated and disengaged Many businesses unwittingly create steep control gradients, resulting in demotivated employees. These circumstances can be reversed, with people becoming more engaged and more motivated.We have found that it is often the most negative employee who is the most sensitive to their working environment. When the environment becomes more positive, so does the employee.
    • Relationship management coaching Workplace Culture has received many requests from organisations to provide coaching services to improve the relationships between the various layers in their business.Tension often exists between individuals or groups at different levels in an organisation. This is frequently the case with middle and front-line managers.These individuals are challenged with maintaining the motivation, performance and engagement of their team whilst meeting the other needs of the organisation.To be effective, a front-line manager needs to be engaged in supportive and productive relationships, and coaching in relationship management can prove extremely beneficial.


Workplace Culture management has been involved in bringing about workplace change with the following companies:


The Collaborative Way

We teach and coach collaboration. That is culture change.If a team of people have a shared understanding about how they will collaborate, a lot of noise is taken away and things start happening, stuff gets done. The reason I do this work is because people don't collaborate well and that affects the culture in a negative way and then things slow down, sometimes to a grinding halt. But if people start really collaborating, great things can happen.

The impact of The Collaborative Way program is significant. At a major food processor in Australia, a program of collaboration was taught to over 200 people working in the same environment. The site in question went from 6th place to first place in a group of 6 sites when measured on key performance indicators like ROI and Safety.